TWMX Recently caught MC having a little fun on the smoker...
'The Spy Boot Camp visited Pala Raceway today, and Spy’s top dealers were rewarded with a day at the track with none other than Jeremy McGrath. We happened to pull up just as MC took a spin on his buddy’s Honda CR250R two-stroke. To say that it was “nuts” would be an understatement. McGrath looked like he was having a real “ball” out there and he “let it all hang out” on the premix burner. Enjoy!'...

It really is awesome to watch but the way he talks about the 'amazing powerful 450' at the end has me thinking. Appearantly it's always so easy to downplay the two strokes but whenever there is something to say about these amazing 450's that isn't 100% supportive he stutters? Hmm... Seems almost as if he knows he'd get in trouble if he said the wrong thing!

On to a new story...

As most MX fans know, Husaberg start as a four-stroke exclusive company. Well last year they brought in the smokers, and a lot of us smoker fans were pretty stoked. Well this year they went a step farther. They are importing only two stroke into the USA this year. What does that tell us about the two stroke market? Or the MX market in general? Well not only are two strokes doing great, but no one is really telling us about it. Why would they try to keep that a secret? Hmm. Also, the MX market is not doing very good right now. It costs money to ship these bikes overseas and if Husa feels that they won't be making a profit off their four strokes, they wont ship them. Either way, good news and insight for the smokers. Even though it is a KTM with a different style, they made some updates of their own for 2012.


They updated their look (of course) with a new yellow frame. Very bold statement, and in this picture you can see that Husa is strictly enduro and woods, check out the airbox, and in other pictures you can see the transparent fuel tank



Crf 150r Rider
9/18/2011 01:13:55 am

Hey I love your videos dude!


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